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At Flying Cape, we know how precious your little ones are, and how you are constantly looking out for information to help them grow better.  So we work with partners like child psychologists to cognitive development specialists, and even swim coaches and music teachers to bring you the most up to date information all in one place.  Subscribe to always get the latest in education updates!


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Tips and Tools on Multiple Intelligence 

Tens of thousands of Singaporean parents tried Dr Branton Shearer’s Multiple Intelligence assessment with their children.  And are helping their little ones to grow in their areas of interests and strengths.  Receive regular updates from Dr Branton himself and Flying Cape’s resident experts by selecting the Multiple Intelligence tickbox at the top of this page.

New to Multiple Intelligence?  Find out more here.



Direct School Admissions (DSA)

Find out more about alternative ways to get your children into the Secondary School of their choice.  It’s not all about being kiasu too.  Helping your children develop in-depth knowledge or skills in their areas of interest could be the best gift of their lifetime.  Select the DSA tickbox at the top of the page to get be kept informed on the latest developments with DSA.


All you can Learn Buffet

All-you-can-Learn Buffet

The All-you-can-Learn Buffet (ALB) is the best selling item on the Flying Cape website.  Subscribe to our ALB newsletter to get advance notice on special deals and exclusive classes!


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Character and Motivation

The content of our children’s character and their intrinsic motivation are the keys to their future.  Flying Cape’s parenting panel and its top of class education providers weigh in on this important topic regularly.  Parents play a key role in shaping their children’s character.  Group sessions and private coaching are available if your children require extra help.



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