Preparing your child for life not exam

While there is nothing wrong in driving our kids to achieve flying colours, it is important for parents not to lose sight of the forest for the trees by emphasizing too much on their children’s academic performance and neglecting their holistic development.

To prepare your children to manage their lives, to accomplish their ambitions, to cope with the modern society stress and challenges, to make the right decisions and to be able to solve problem creatively, our children definitely need a set of life-skills. Find out what are the key life-skills that 21st century children need to have in order for them to achieve greater success in their life.

The stress level of parenting these days is rising with the demands of a certain expectation in academic excellence. Parents always strive to provide our children with the best, be it their daily essentials, overall well-being and development, and especially education. While working towards these, we often fall into the trap of societal pressure of what we think is best for them, in many instances, RESULTS.

We often see parents signing up their children at a branded or popular tuition center because many of their friends’ kids have done so and they do not want their kids to ‘lose out’. We often hear parents talking about ‘dreams’ of having their children successfully made it to the Gifted Programme in Primary 4. Such a rat race can end up frustrating for both parents and children, and it will turn into a hard-to-break ‘typical/normal’ lifestyle.

1. Self-esteem: Self-esteem is your children’s foundation to a lifetime of mental and social happiness. It also forms a strong base for your child’s learning motivation and emotions management. Children with well-developed self-esteem tends to have a greater ability to take on new challenges in life.

2. Focus: In today’s digital/gadgets world, children can sometimes find it hard to focus. Children who suffer from a lack of focus can face challenges in their academic performance even if their IQ is high.

3. Emotions Management: Children who are able to manage their emotions well will likely achieve more in school and in their future life. We certainly do not want naturally gifted or highly intelligent children underperform in situations where emotions such as anger or anxiety precedes their abilities. Emotions can hijack the child’s ability to think rationally.

4. Critical Thinking: It is generally a norm for children to learn WHAT to think, not HOW to think. Therefore, it is vital for children to develop critical thinking skill which will help them to have a better ability to evaluate information and determine its right or wrong.

5. Verbal Intelligence: Many parents understand the importance of building a strong language foundation. However, if parents can bring this step a little further to make their children aware that they can use languages as a strong tool with power and precision for communication and interaction with people, languages will then be more than just for conversations or written materials. Children who have the ability to communicate well shine among their peers as they will be the ones who are able to articulate their messages and thoughts brilliantly across and influence people with their ideas. This also forms the foundation of good leadership skills.

With all said, it is still not too late to start planning a holistic development programme for your children. Start today, nurture your children and turn them into a well-balanced, all-rounder leader for tomorrow!

People Impact®, an International market leader in providing life-skills development for children from 3 to 12-year-old, can assist you in unleashing the optimal potential of your children. Adopting a fun and engaging play-based methodology, People Impact offers a truly holistic IQEQ programme to nurture your children’s IQ and EQ.  People Impact’s aim for each child that comes through People Impact IQEQ programme, is for them to be confident and creative in self-expression, emotionally and mentally intelligent at whatever they approach in life.


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