Ever heard of “Glossophobia”? Well now you have!

Glossophobia or speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking or of
speaking in general.

Did you know? Studies have shown that people fear public speaking the
most! Be it about clinching a business deal or making a presentation in
the presence of one’s peers; having the skills and experience to speak
and deliver confidently in front of an audience will come in very useful
in the long run. Even as adults, we have instilled that sense of anxiety
and fear in ourselves; need we say more for our children?

Instead of asking them ‘Why’ they are afraid to speak in public; let us
encourage them by exclaiming ‘Why Not’ speak and be heard by others!

‘Why Not’ indeed!
During the formative years, children are at the stage where their
vocabulary, linguistics and voice are developing at a tremendous pace.
The more they converse, the more their brain develops for this

Speech Academy Asia offers detailed and comprehensive training courses
in public speaking skills, interpersonal communication and personal
mastery over fears to become accomplished speakers. The Curriculum is
based on the “10 Year Series of Public Speaking” developed by Mr Lukas
Seet and Mr Kelvin Tan for both children and adults.

Dr Barnett of the National Institute for Early Education Research shared
that it is indeed crucial for children to be given opportunities to
explore social, physical, emotional and intellectual development during
their early years which in turn provides the potential for not only
educational but emotional and social benefits.

According to child psychologists, Cullen & Fleer, learning is the
development of children’s thinking processes and knowledge base as a
result of adding new concepts and ideas to what they already know.
Besides attaining higher scores in the oral assessment component,
learning to be expressive can lead to gaining popularity, developing
greater confidence while exploring new opportunities and daring to ask

Therefore, unlike other organizations that offer speech and drama
classes, we focus solely on helping individuals achieve happiness by
discovering their innate capabilities by providing cutting edge
communication training courses to children, teenagers, adults and
corporations. With a combination of art, technology and medical
attribute, our programme includes Speech Lingusitic Patterns(SLP) and
Neuro Somatics. With a coalition of lesson content and delivery,
socio-emotional environment, school-home connection and the physical
learning environement, we aspire to instill an efficient, practical and
effective approach in preparing children to have the flexibility to
excel in the real world.

At Speech Academy Asia, ‘You are how you speak…with Communications
Transformation and Confidence Development!’

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This article was contributed by Speech Academy Asia, a Flying Cape partner.


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